Review Process

The J-NOSS Review Process

  1. Submission The author submits the manuscript. 

  1. Initial Screening – The J-NOSS editor reviews the manuscript and determines if it is a good potential fit for the journal and that the author followed submission guidelines.

Good Potential Fit

The editor acknowledges receipt and informs the author of the anticipated timeline for the review process. 

Not Good Fit 

The editor acknowledges receipt and informs the author of ineligibility for review. The editor may choose to refer the author to another journal.

  1. Peer Review – The editor selects two or more peer reviewers to review the manuscript with a goal for them to complete the review within four to six weeks. Reviews may take longer depending on circumstances. Reviewers use a rubric and guidelines to review the manuscript and make comments and/or suggestions. 

Reviewers make a recommendation to the editor to 

Accept with no revisions

Accept with minor revisions

Accept pending major revisions

Not accept 

  1. Review Determination – The editor provides the author with the final decision and suggestions for changes, if any. If the manuscript has been accepted, the editor will also provide the author with a deadline to make revisions, if necessary, and the expected timeline for publication.